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Relevant Marketing Now is a new audience marketing platform that gives you the power to instantly build and understand your own audiences, then quickly activate relevant campaigns targeted to exactly the right humans. uses artificial intelligence to help you

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Instantly Access

Pre-built high-demand targeted audiences

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Easily Build

Your own custom-tailored audiences

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Quickly Understand

The people you want to reach

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Directly Activate

Campaigns with highly relevant media

How It Works

Our AI engine harnesses billions of audience conversations and classifies them in more than 33,000 different ways. We've created a rich, real-time database of information about audiences and what they care about. Using will let you tap into this data directly to build audiences who are likely to be more interested in what you have to offer.

Build your own audience

More relevantly

Define audiences based on what people talk about, instead of relying on cookies and simple demographics

With amazing control and precision

Harness the unparalleled segmentation power of over 33,000 discreet classifiers to build hard-to-find audiences, tailor-fit for your brand

Based on intelligent recommendations

Rely on our powerful AI engine to provide instant audience suggestions based on your search criteria

Accessing pre-built audiences

Tap into massive, popular, 
pre-curated audiences built for major brands

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Understand your audience

With blazing fast speed-to-insight

Discover relevant, up-to-date insights on your audience in mere seconds

Using deep emotional intelligence

Drill down to over 50 different emotions to better understand audience affinities, interests, intent and more

And how they change over time

Save custom audience definitions for future analysis, trending and targeting

For better content

Surface content recommendations that resonate more effectively with your core audience

Target your audience

More intelligently

Reach more tightly-targeted audiences using the platform and media of your choice

At scale

Expand your targeted audiences to national levels while maintaining quality and accuracy

With on-the-fly optimization

Revise, optimize and pivot your audience definitions, and see updated results in real-time

For improved ROI

Improve your marketing relevance and get better results, like 3x better engagement, 40% lower CPC, and 88% higher likelihood to purchase.

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