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Networked Insights kicked off its quarterly Hackathon this week, with a special guest appearance from our friends at Google. Our VP of Product Engineering Stephen Tucker spills the beans on why we do it, and how the spirit of entrepreneurial innovation helps drive development of some of our flagship products.

Happy Hackathon!

In my time at NI, there have been many ways that we have approached building and dreaming up new products. Whether the product be market moving or market demanding, all of us at Networked Insights are entrepreneurs and have equity in the creation of products. In fact, it is stitched into our creed.

New hires at Networked Insights are handed values by which we operate on a daily basis: Collaboration, Ownership, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (COLE for short).  These are the ingredients that we demand of ourselves at NI, and one of the ways that we amplify these values that are centered around innovation is to have Hackathons.

How it Works

Hackathons to us are typically a two to four-day affair. Two days at the office with another two days on the weekend if you choose to continue building and imagining your new idea.

While Hackathons are nothing new to technology companies, we open the door for everyone in the company to participate. Meaning, if one of our colleagues have an idea, they must  present it to the organization before the Hackathon begins. This idea will serve as a forum to recruit colleagues to assist them in implementing their idea in addition to receiving feedback, while also getting colleagues thinking about how this “thing” fits into our eco-system.


To celebrate Pride month, Networked Insights is hosting Chicago’s Queer Tech Club, Tuesday, June 20th.   I am really excited to invite the community into the Networked Insights offices. I mean what can be more fun than getting the LGBTQ community (and allies) together to talk geek?

This year more than most I have been reflecting on what the concept of Pride means to me.  In the beginning, Pride was an event.  A place I would go to be among a group of people where I could be my authentic self.

I still remember the thrill I had when I slapped an equality sticker on my rear bike fender after my first pride.  I was not out yet, but I felt empowered to let the world know.  Of course, no one noticed.  But I was beaming with a sense of self-acceptance and knowing I had a place to belong.

To me that is what pride means and what we here are Networked Insights try to achieve for our colleagues.  We create an environment where people can be their authentic selves.  We support and encourage our colleagues to be the best they can be.

I love watching when people join who may have come from more conservative situations, and they bring their partner to an event for the first time.

Sure, maybe the world has gotten more accepting,  but the journey to knowing who you are and sharing that with the world is still not easy.  And if we at Networked Insights can just help one person beam with pride like I did so many years ago, then I feel like we are doing something right.

Event Details
Queer Tech Club Meetup
Tuesday, June 20, 20176:00 P.M.
Networked Insights
350 N. Orleans St., Suite 850
Chicago, IL 60654


Brands are making big bets on the NBA Finals, but will targeting the wrong audience bring some major advertisers down?

While everyone else is paying attention to whether or not the Warriors will avenge last year’s loss with a decisive sweep, Networked Insights is paying attention to something a little different – the relevance of advertisers during the NBA Finals and how consumers are reacting to advertising on game days.

Like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, the movies “Baby Driver” and “War for the Planet of the Apes,” are performing like all-stars during the NBA Finals with well-targeted trailers playing throughout the Finals that are resonating with social audiences.

By comparing conversation volume about these topics on the days of games 1, 2, and 3 of the NBA Finals this year to volume on non-game days since 5/19/17 (using our analysis platform Kairos), we found that these movies have all seen over a 120% lift in conversation on game days versus non-game days.