American Family Insurance Acquires Networked Insights: This is just the beginning

Friends, colleagues and clients:

I am pleased to announce that Networked Insights is joining forces with American Family Insurance. As a third-generation entrepreneur, I could not be more gratified.

Today reminds me of my dad’s favorite quote from Calvin Coolidge: “persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” For 11 years we persisted and to all of you who supported us on this journey, I am so very thankful. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We’ve been fortunate to have amazing clients and a dedicated and talented team who have helped us create powerful tools that make marketing lives better. To that end, I want to assure you that Kairos, and our industry solutions like MovieSense will remain available. We are not going anywhere.

We will simply have more resources to continue building products that delight and change the world. Both NI and American Family Insurance (AFI) share a vision of how organizations help and serve consumers by building machine learning and artificial intelligence (A.I) capabilities and strategies to continue disrupting the standard way of doing things. Our bond is strong. They’ve not only been a client, but a continued minority investor beginning with our Series C round of funding, and in every round since. We were privileged to call them our colleagues, and now proud to call them our friends.

Eleven years ago we began our quest with the idea that there had to be a better and faster way to get holistic insights about current or potential customers. A mere six weeks before we launched, Twitter was born and Facebook had decided to move beyond college and high school campuses. So, we had a good hunch that consumers had something to say and the data world was going to be a good place to start.  

We can proudly say, we were correct.

From here, the possibilities are infinite and we are only just getting started.

Trust us when we say, we will still be the same Networked Insights that you have grown to love. Our mission to drive relevant change and provide you with the right audience and the right content to gain the right results remains.

We are excited to share more about what we’ll be working on together in the coming months, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can learn more here in our joint press release.


Dan Neely, Founder