Golden Globes 2018: #TimesUp Movement Claims Spotlight

We have a good idea of how you spent your Sunday evening, especially if you’re a woman in New York. 

That’s right, you were peeled to the television soaking up every moment pre-and-post the Oprah award-acceptance truth bomb at the 75th annual Golden Globes.

Powering into Kairos, our machine-learning audience analytics platform, we discovered who was watching, why they were engaging, how they felt about the awards and the subsequent winners. Finally, we even put  our predictions to the test. Check out what we found out. 

More than 61 percent of the viewers were women and they mostly lived in New York. When we analyzed why, we found that it could have a lot to do with the #TimesUp movement, formed just weeks ago.

Wearing black, prominent Golden Globe female attendees used the awards show as a platform to speak out against continued experiences about being sexually harassed, assaulted or otherwise mistreated.  It’s an organic sequel to the #MeToo movement, in which people used social platforms to connect with others who have been sexually mistreated, and the slew of accusations by elite Hollywood women against film producer, Harvey Weinstein.

Of the more than 2.5 million social conversations around the 2018 Golden Globes during the last week, most were about the #TimesUp movement and about why attending women are going to be wearing black.

However, Oprah claimed the next top spot. 

Accepting the Cecile B. DeMille award, given to those who demonstrate “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment,”  Oprah used her time to show appreciation and empower not just those wearing black to the awards, but those watching and anyone who is tired of not being heard. And it resonated online.

Among the excitement for the winners, Oprah’s speech contributed to emotions of success (35 percent) pride (22 percent) and happiness (8 percent). Check it out below:


More than political statements and calls for change, there was humor and of course, winners. 
Check them out below, and compare them to our predictions here: