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Right audience. Right insights. Right results.

Kairos is the world’s most powerful audience intelligence engine, designed to help marketers make strategically informed decisions about their campaigns. Based on billions of online and social conversations Kairos intelligently classifies using machine learning and AI.

Kairos delivers unparalleled insights into audiences. From Millennials to Teens, to Affluent Investors, New Moms, Athletes and so much more. Easily accessed, up-to-date and integrated in one place Kairos empowers you to develop better content and make smarter marketing decisions.


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Discover the Right Audience

Kairos ingests billions of posts a day from around the social web and classifies them in over 33,000 ways, creating a rich bed of easily searchable insights beyond demographic data that no other platform on the market can provide.

  • Quickly and easily search conversations without complex queries

  • Build unique and tightly targeted audiences

  • Leverage syndicated audiences

  • Build custom searchable audiences

Understand Them Deeply

Kairos Audience Profiles get to the root of what matters to your ideal consumer audience, helping you discover and leverage opportunities and trends that you would never think to ask.

  • Product and key interest category discussions

  • Content being shared

  • Brand perceptions- yours and your competitors'

  • Over 50 different emotional drivers

Create Content that Resonates

Kairos helps you land on the right content for your customer quickly, easily and confidently, helping you fill your editorial calendar with content that’s always on point and on target.

  • Strategic messaging

  • Quick hit content

  • Deep category content

  • Campaign theme content

Target Your Audience Directly

Improve content engagement with smarter targeting, directing the perfect message to precisely the right humans through data-driven storytelling.

  • Reach distinct audience segments beyond demographics

  • Identify influencers who impact your audience

  • Reach out to consumers directly with winning content

Analyze, Optimize and Repeat

Kairos helps you measure the response of all your campaigns in real-time by monitoring campaign, brand health and even purchase funnel signals through your dashboard.

  • Know which content is working so you can do more of it

  • Adjust your promotional spend based on real-time data

  • Optimize your campaigns, drive continuous improvement in overall results

The Ultimate Content Intelligence Platform

As opposed to social listening platforms, which focus primarily on more basic demographic data and branded conversations, Kairos provides a complete suite of in-depth content intelligence tools that allow you to identify your relevant audience based on their behaviors and attitudes for improved insights, targeting and results.

Audience Profiles

Discover and zero in on unique audiences with detailed profiles built around key interests, behaviors, attitudes and more – well beyond garden-variety demographics.

Demographics: gender, location, age

Behaviors: brand, category, topic affinities

Attitudes: actions, conversations  

Emotions: explore a spectrum of over 50 different emotional drivers

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Quickly and easily discover what consumers are saying about virtually any topic. Search for what you want without needing to create complicated queries.

Who: demographic insights about specific audiences 

What: topics and interests resonating with an audience, including common words and phrases 

How: emotions an audience is expressing and the posts that are driving these reactions 


PinPoint what drives spikes in consumer conversations. Quickly analyze unique dynamics compared to prior conversations on a given topic to drive interest.

Compare: changes in activity to prior conversations about a given topic

Surface: the posts that are driving the change 

Uncover: the underlying forces behind the spike in activity  

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Unleash the power of social data, artificial intelligence and marketing know-how.

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