Weekly Conversations: Strange Things are Afoot, Stress and Love Run High

Welcome to Weekly Conversations, where each week we will dig into a hot topic dominating social conversations and explore what matters to major audiences and influencers, using our audience intelligence engine Kairos and our audience marketing platform to instantly gather insights from billions of real-time data points.

Read on to find out what weíre talking about this week (hint: Goonies meets Stand By Me by another name is a sci-fi Netflix show).

Livin’ up to the Hype

Only a show that is simultaneously edgy, yet nostalgic would drum up more than 3 million posts in one week. Thatís right, weíre talking about Stranger Things on Netflix and the impact of its much anticipated season 2 release.

So, take a deep breath and bring your towel, weíre taking a trip to the Upside Down.

A year later, the binge-worthy sci-fi treat came out and stole the online conversation, for at least a week. Critics and fans alike hailed the new season as pretty close to perfect. Others expressed some concerns binge-ing a show flies through. However, the online conversations we analyzed showed that many were blown away by the more cinematic approach and the deeper character development the second season offered.

Of the 3 million posts, more than 400,000 of them were indexed by emotions, and we found that fans were equally loving and stressed by the storyline in the new season and the off-set gossip about the actors.

The posts that contained commentary spiking the emotion love, demonstrated just how much fans are emotionally involved with the storyline.

Fans shared how much they enjoyed the new relationships in the season, like the bond between Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown and Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour. They also talked about the roller coaster of emotions Winona Ryder’s character, Joyce Byers endures to save her son again.

However, it was clear that for as much as they loved the show, viewers were almost just as stressed. Even launching Winona Ryder beyond just meme phase and into a colloquial expression about stress:

Analyzing the posts, their conversations between stress and love vacillated more than the camera angles from reality to the upside down. Beyond concern for the characters within the storyline, fans latched onto the salacious story about Charlie Heaton, who plays Winona Ryder’s son in the show, being caught with cocaine, which inevitably caused a spike in conversation quantity and topic.

That’s crazy, but who are these fans?

Analyzing the posts, many of the conversations were written by women (61 percent) and were about skipping class to watch, or being too tired in class the next day because of a night full of bingeing.

So, we can infer that female students were the most interested in the show. More specifically, using, we were able to nail down just which group of females were warming up some Eggos and plopping themselves in front of a streaming device.

We discovered that it was the Gen Z group who were the most engaged. In fact, they demonstrated an interest 2.44 times greater than the general consumer. The closest group following them were millennials, who demonstrated an affinity for the show, 1.36 times greater than the general consumer.

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