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Why Relevance Matters


$347 billion was wasted in 2016 on marketing that didn’t work.
Why? We’re so busy telling consumers that they should be interested in our brands that we’re not paying enough attention to who they are and what they already naturally care about.


Networked Insights research shows that less than 1% of conversations people have on social platforms has anything at all to do with brands.

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When we talk to each other in life and online, we don’t talk about #yourbrand, we talk about our lives – our families, our passions, the news, celebrities, the shows we watch and the music we love. Then why are marketers so laser focused on shoving their branded messaging down our throats?

Failing to listen to consumers

We see over and over again what happens when brands stop listening to their customers and drinking their own Kool-Aid. You need only look at brands like Blockbuster or Circuit City that once ruled the landscape, or understand that only 52% of the Fortune 500 from the year 2000 still exist, and by 2025, 40% of the S&P will be gone.

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Make your brand more relevant

The world is changing fast, and the companies that will win are laser focused on understanding their audiences, learning what they love and becoming the type of business that is genuinely relevant to the humans who buy their products. That’s what Networked Insights and our technology is all about – helping you become more relevant to consumers. We think it’s the only way to survive, and the best way for marketers to thrive – now and in the future.

Why Relevance Matters Webinar

Want to learn more about why relevance matters? Watch a webinar with Ad Age, featuring our founder Dan Neely.